“International Association of Tako Age (IATA)” is organized by individual members and Business members, groups, and will be managed by the membership fee, annual fee and donations. We will participate to Berkeley Kite Festival every year to introduce Hamamatsu Kites and other traditional Japanese kites to the people live in San Francisco Bay Area.
We appreciate your support and hope to enjoy Japanese Matsuri together.


TV JAPAN introduced the activity of IATA.

TV Japan club section of "Viewer correspondent"

July 16, 2011 9:00 AM (PT) Re-broadcasting 2:50 PM (PT)



1: This association is based at San Francisco Bay Area.
2: Association is formed to introduce culture of Kite flying and Japanese Festival, and to enjoy kite flying with people live in San FRancisco.
3: Anybody who likes to enjoy kites and festival is able to become member.
4: This association is operated by individual member’s entrance fees, annual corporate membership fees and donations. Association will make annual financial reports to the members.
5: Association has the right to ask removal of memberships.
6: Association has the right to refuse membership applications.
7: Association will not be responsible to any injury, accidents, and loss during its activities.
IATA, 4030 Balboa St. #1, San Francisco, CA 94121