What is the Berkeley
Kite Festival?
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We fly our giant Hamamatsu kites in the Berkeley Kite Festival.

Date: July 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun), 2019, 11am - 5pm
Place: Cesar E. Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina
Admission Free!

Festival Truth(MAKOTO)真

The theme for 2019 is MAKOTO(True). We chose this theme hoping a better world peace without lies and people treat everybody sincerely and with true heart.

We had a wonderful 2018 Berkeley Kite Festival thanks to many supporters who made generous donations. We appreciated your continued support. We hope we can fly in 2019 as many kites as the previous years.

IATA is a Japanese traditional kite flying group that plans to construct giant kites based on the year's theme and then fly them in the blue skies of Berkeley, California.

2019's flyer

Supported by:
浜松市, The Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco, JETRO San Francisco, Japan Society of Northern California, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California, Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, BaySpo, J Weekly, NikkeiWest, Tokyo TV, webMON



We greatly appreciate your support in 2018.




Corporate Sponsors:



In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of
Hamamatsu Kite Flying in California

Art Kite Show


This year 2010, the International Association of Tako Age is proud to present our 5th anniversary in participation to the Berkeley Kite Festival. In commemoration, we have had two art kite exhibitions. First one was a juried art show, and the other was an exhibition of art kites donated by renowned artists.

Pieces in both exhibitions were made on 61 square centimeters Japanese takofs, and were made based on an ocean theme, in association with the 150th anniversary of the Kanrinmaru arriving at port of San Francisco.

œ [Juried Exhibition]
There were 25 entries for the competition and were displaying all pieces at the exhibition. (Link for Exhibits)

[Competition Award Winners]

Student Golden Award: Shinji Suzuki "Venus"

Student Silver Award: TA-BO "Surfing Crab "

Student Bronze Award: Yuki Mishima gWaveh

General Golden Award: Seiji Yamauchi
rrrrrrrrr"Coral Spawning, Birth of Sea Life "

Student & General Mayor Award:
rrrrrrrrrMarina Kiya
rrrrrrrrr "Rough Seas and Mt. Fuji That Doesn't Change"

rrrrrrrrrMei Iguchi
rrrrrrrr"Beside the Window"

œ [Donated Art Kites Show]
21 artists donated their art kite from both Japan and America, including 12 artists from San Francisco Bay Area.
(Link for Exhibits)

[Donated Artists] Bert Bergan, Chris Biasi, Yukako Ezoe, Matt Furie, Michiko Itatani, KaToPe, Masahiro Matsuda, Keiko Nelson, Maco Nishida, Mat O'Brien, Mayumi Oda, Robert Ogata, Naoki Onodera, Kristine Reano, Shunsei Saijo, Shinpei Sasaki, S.C.U.B.A, Hiroshi Senju, Ai Sugano, Susumu Takashima, Ikuro Yagi


[San Francisco]
Juried Art Kite Show:
Date: June 4th~ July 29th
Reception: June 12th (Sat) 12:00-1:00 P.M.
Place: San Francisco Public Library, 3rd Floor
rrrrrrrrr100 Larkin St., San Francisco CA 94102

The Japanese Art Kite Show
(Donated art kites by renown artist):
Date: July 13th ~ 29th
Reception: July 15th (Thurs) 5:30-7:30 P.M.
170 Minna St., San Francisco, CA94105

[Hamamatsu City]
Juried Art Kite Show + Donated Art Kites Show
Date: May 1st ~ May 10th
Place: Gallery of Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
rrrrrrrrr2-1-1 Chuo, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City,
rrrrrrrrrShizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Hiroyuki Kinpara
iArt Critic, Prof. of Tokoha Univ., Director of
Toyohashi City, Museum Art and Historyj
Tetsuji Sakamoto iProfessor of Shizuoka Univ. of Art and Culturej
Yukio Masuda iDirector of Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Artj
Heizo Ito iKite Master of Hamamatsu Kite, Former President
of Hamamatsu Kite Associationj

One month show at Chandler Fine Art in San Francisco
One week show at exhibit Live and Moris Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo,


Sponsors: exhibit Live & Moris, Chandler Fine Art, Takoman, rrrrrrrrrrrr Highline Kites.com, Takara Sake USA INC., N.A. SALES rrrrrrrrrrrrrCOMPANY, INC., Friends of the San Francisco Public rrrrrrrrrrrrrLibrary
In cooperation with: Shizuoka University of Art and Culture,
rrrrrrrrrrrrrSan Francisco Public Library, Mr. Itofs Kite Studio, rrrrrrrrrrrv Shokaido

Supported by: Hamamatsu City, The Consulate General of Japan
rrrrrrrrrrrrrin San Francisco, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of
rrr Northern California, Japan Society of Northern
rrrrrrrrrrrr California, BaySpo, Fuji TV, Mon Japanese Monthly, rrrrrrrrrrrrrNichi Bei Weekly, Sport J, Tokyo TV