We will participate in the 34th Berkeley Kite Festival and fly Hamamatsu Kites. It will be our 14th participation since joining the Berkeley Kite Festival in 2006.
July 27th Saturday and 28th Sunday

The Hamamatsu Matsuri* is held annually from May 3rd to May 5th. The Hamamatsu Matsuri attracts over 1.8 million people every year. Its primary attraction is the contrast created by energetic yet serene Kite Battles fought fiercely in the daytime,and the spectacular float parades at night, all making it one of the most prominent festivals in all of Japan. Full-scale kite fighting at the Hamamatsu Matsuri began in 1887. However, the origins of this custom date back some 448 years. Legend has it that the custom of flying kites at the Hamamatsu Matsuri began when the then Lord of Hikuma Castle, in celebration of the birth of his first son, flew a kite with his name written on it.
This makes the Hamamatsu Matsuri very different from any other religious-type festival in Japan. It is now said to be a festuval made by the people for the people. The Hamamatsu matsuri is for people of all ages. The three action-filled days of events are the most exciting of the year for al residents of the city.
* Matsuri=Festival,
** Tako=Kite
  Hamamatsu Tako is distinct because it is square, and the tail born is out from the kite. The Frame is sturdy and fi nely structed to be fit for kite fighting. The size of kites varies from 5' square to 12' square. Usually size of 8'square to 10' square kites are most suitable for kite fighting.