Application for International Association of Tako Age IATA

"International Association of Tako Age" Summary of Rules

1: This association is based at San Francisco Bay Area.
2: Association was formed to introduce Kite flying culture and Festival culture, and to enjoy kite flying together with people live in America.
3: Anybody who likes kites and Japanese Matsuri can become a member.
4: This association is operated by individual members' entrance fees, annual corporate membership fees and donations. Association will make annual financial reports to the members.
5: Association has right to ask removal of membership.
6: Association has right to refuse membership applications.
7: Association will not be responsible to any injury, accidents and loss during its activities.
(IATA will not use or distribute any information obtained by this application other than the purpose of this association.)

I would like to apply for the membership for International Association of Tako Age

( ) Individual Member: $10

( ) Family Member: $20

Name (Family member name):





My family and I would like to join IATA to enjoy kite flying. I indemnify IATA for any injury, loss and other accidents during the course of IATA's kite flying activities.
Signature and Date:

If you know any regional kites in Japan, you'd like to show them in the Bay Area? If so, please describe the kites: